is the home of Rutland Energy Assessors Limited (REAL) a leading provider of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and Display Energy Certificates (DECs). Rutland Energy Assessors Limited also provide a comprehensive energy efficiency consultancy service for both commercial and residential clients throughout the UK. Rutland Energy Assessors Limited also undertake air permeability testing, air conditioning inspections, sound test certificates and fire risk assessments in line with current UK legal requirements.
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Sound Test Certificates

Sound testing for residential and commercial properties is required to show compliance with the Building Regulations Approved Document E 'Resistance to the Passage of Sound' criteria. Testing is conducted on party floors and walls which separate dwellings from one another. Sound Testing is used to assess the performance of the insulation and its associated flanking elements.

Pre Completion Testing has been a mandatory requirement since July 2003. All new build properties and conversions which were built after this date require 10% of each party wall/floor construction type to be tested. Testing is to be carried out between pairs of rooms separated by party walls or floors, in most cases the rooms to be tested will be the two main habitable rooms which would be living rooms and bedrooms. The test procedure involves setting up a noise source in a room on one side of the party wall or floor and measuring the noise on both sides of the partition.

The testing methods for airborne and impact sound insulation is in full accordance with the suggested methods presented in BS EN ISO 140-parts 4 and 7: 1998. The results of the tests are analyzed in accordance with BS EN ISO 717 parts 1 and 2: 1997.